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Ask. Accept. Acknowledge.

This was my first attempt at not only recording a video in real time, but also taking the raw footage of that video and editing it to customize it and make it cohesive. I was nervous filming it, thus my shakiness that is visible in the video. I am more nervous making it public, even though I maintained my anonymity in respect to our unique situation and out of respect for my threefold as we have endured trauma and are trying to heal that trauma.

I can’t pretend that letting people, the world, in on my dark and hidden truth behind my push for positivity is easy. I am beyond scared that people will judge me and doubt my intentions for this video as anything less than genuine attempt to show that there is good everywhere and that all we have to do is open our eyes and see it.

I wasn’t going to share it. I just wanted to have it for myself and for my family as a way to show them that everything works out even if it’s in ways you don’t expect it to. Shine light on the shadows of your life and in turn your truth will become someone else’s way to do the same. We are going through all of this and we’re meant to be on this journey for a reason. One day, we will know what the plan and purpose for our journey was for. Until then we cling to faith, hope, peace, love, happiness and positivity. That’s how we heal and move forward. I hope you enjoy this and appreciate the good around you everyday!


3 thoughts on “Ask. Accept. Acknowledge.

  1. I have been on both ends in my life—receiving help when I needed it badly, and giving help. It was hard for me to accept help as well, but I did because it was either that, or not be able to pay bills and buy groceries. My life improved over the years, and I was able to be the one giving help, and I want to tell you, helping someone in need felt to me like I was given the best Christmas present in the world.
    Hang in there…life will get better. ❤️

    1. I’m hanging on to all hope and will continue. Thanks for sharing. I also try to give when I see others struggling even if it’s small. I’m doing my best. Some days are better than others for sure. I’m ready to have this chapter behind me, but it’s going to teach me how I strong I am! ❤️

      1. 😊❤️

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