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Covid Chronicles: Day 1 11/27/21

I’m going to call today Day 1. Today is the 1st full day of quarantine after receiving my positive test result. My hope is by writing a brief synopsis of each day I can track my symptoms and hopefully see the improvements that are soon to be coming my way. It also may help someone else who isn’t sure what to expect. In addition, the goal is to stay positive and find a way to make quarantine less hellish and keep everyone safe and recovering at home {without going completely insane, stir crazy, or inciting violence}.

Today I woke up and felt ok. I wasn’t 100%, but I had that thought of “this isn’t that bad, this isn’t worse than a bad cold or a mild flu.” Wrong. I realized I had slept 12 hours and it was 10a.m., but the house was still quiet meaning my threefold was also taking advantage of a day to sleep in. My new friend Corona however quickly showed me what she was willing to do to make me feel her wrath {how dare I doubt her}. Groceries were received and bringing a week’s worth of groceries into the kitchen was difficult at best. I’m not going to lie, I was ready for a nap immediately after but I pushed through. I allowed the kids to help by actually putting everything where it goes. I managed to take the trash out from the kitchen and bedroom and switch around some laundry. After that I had to sit down. My body was screaming at me to stop. My chest was tight, my muscles ached, and I was light headed. I complied and listened. I forced down some food and made myself drink a bottle of water. Taste is in tact, but it lacks luster and vitality; as the flavors are less distinct. I can’t tell about smell though because I’m stuffed up, but it was nice to not be able to smell the rancid gas ‘E’ emitted as he slept away his symptoms today. By 2:00 p.m. I felt like I’d worked all day. The clothes from the dryer staring at me to fold them. I was almost as restless as #3 and I just wanted to do something, anything, besides lay useless. However my body did not give me the permission needed to actually get up and go. My head was foggy. It’s easiest described as hang over brain like you’ve stayed up far too late, drank too much, and now your body and brain are trying to play catch up.

This evening ‘E’ finally gave in and took an at home covid test, the result as expected was positive. I harnessed enough energy to sweep the floors after my afternoon nap while watching t.v. and relaxing. ‘E’ managed to get the tree put up and the girls worked on fluffing and preparing the ornaments with hooks. I even managed to fold that load of laundry that had been staring me earlier in the day. After those things I was back to feeling like my life force was completely drained. I managed to sit at the table for family dinner. I cleared the table. Started another load of laundry and then I was done. This last load may have to stare at me until morning as I feel like my lungs are on fire after all of that this evening.

Thankfully #1 and #3 are acting fine, #2 however said her throat and chest were hurting. I am grateful they all pulled together and did some cleaning today. I couldn’t stand it being dirty, having to look at it all day and not having the ability or energy to actually clean it up. They even managed not to fight as they divided up the tasks that needed to be done! I watched #3 do some painting, watched some “flea market flip” episodes to trigger my restless creativity and did a lot of snuggling with ‘E’ and our kitties. #2 made dinner for us, yay spaghetti! I definitely am thankful my threefold are old enough to somewhat fend for theirselves, help out, and attempt to entertain themselves.

With antibiotics for my compounding ear infection, steroids, a crap ton of Advil dual action {this stuff is amazing} and cough medicine on board along with all my other regular medications I’m staving off as many of the symptoms as possible. The fatigue, headache, shortness of breath and body aches are the worst today. My newest symptom is the shortness of breath from minor activity. Most improved symptom is the sinus congestion. I never thought I’d be ecstatic about performing mundane tasks, but I figured it’s better to move some and give my body a little push than to completely force myself to be on bed rest. I guess time will tell if my way is at all beneficial to recovery or if I’m just wearing my body out needlessly. As long as I drink fluids, take breaks, listen to my body when it says ‘enough!’ then I don’t think it’s hurting me to stay somewhat active.

Overall day 1 was harder than expected but I remained in good spirits and as positive as I could. I think I only got irritated when there was arguing or unnecessary yelling. Overall I’m trying to remember that my threefold are trying to be good too. It’s important I not hold them to unrealistic expectations after all they are kids stuck in a house with their sisters for the next several days. Arguments will be hard to avoid and they will get louder than I want them to. If that’s the worst thing that happens then we will be in good shape!

Today’s Accomplishments:

  • Clean (a little by me, more so my threefold)
  • Laundry(ish)
  • Rest & relax
  • Write
  • Answer emails
  • Groceries
  • Submissions and proposals
  • Christmas tree up (not decorated yet)
  • Family dinner
  • Quality time (at a distance)

Not too shabby for a quarantined family trying to fight off covid and make it to Day 2 of this little journey. It’s just a piece of the story, not the beginning, definitely not the end but an excerpt that we will one day look back at and say ‘you know we faced some unique challenges in 2021, but we over came them all because we are badass!’ That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Send positive healing vibes our way! If you have any creative ideas to help keep my threefold entertained over the coming days I would appreciate any advice! Can’t be too intricate as we can’t go to the store to get supplies {and I’m attempting to not spend resources too quickly since I am not working for the next couple of weeks.} Prece’ ☮️❤️😊~M

2 thoughts on “Covid Chronicles: Day 1 11/27/21

  1. Best wishes. Stay positive like you are doing. Your can do attitude is inspirational in the face of this hurdle. Keith

    1. Thanks! Learned this lesson you can choose your attitude-either way, positive or negative, you still have to do and go through the hard stuff so mine as well have a good attitude and maybe you will make it better for yourself and others instead of worse! ☮️❤️😊

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