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Goal Getter~November Recap

Let’s do a November run down as we plan and prepare for December. I always like to take a look back before moving forward. My monthly recap always has been a good chance for me to celebrate my accomplishments and also see where I can improve for the next month. I won’t go in depth with my own reflections but rather share how I created my template for each month in review and the positivity push and monthly motivation for the goal getters out there!

Monthly Recap:

I start with a fairly simple set of questions for the previous month.

  • Overall, this month I felt:
  • This month my highlights that excited me the most were:
  • How can I improve next month?
  • What lessons did I learn this month?
  • What goals did I make this month?
  • Did I reach those goals? If so, how did I reach them? If not, what do I feel stood between myself and the goal?
  • What was I most thankful for this month?
  • Challenges?
  • Strengths?
  • I am most proud of ?

Easy peasy. I’ll share my review of my November this week and tomorrow I will share my monthly motivation template and how I plan my positivity push each month to help me be the best version of me. I challenge everyone to do a big push for the end of the year. New year’s resolutions are great and all but what goals did you make this year that you could still achieve? December has 31 days waiting for you take advantage of the time and finish 2021 strong so you can enter 2022 with a fresh set of goals and the confidence in your capabilities to achieve them! Share your answers in the comments or follow on Facebook! ☮️❤️😊~M

3 thoughts on “Goal Getter~November Recap

  1. I love these quotes and the advice on questions to ask yourself. The first quote reminds me of the legendary golfer Gary Player’s response to a reporter’s question about a lucky shot. He said “I have found the more I practice, the luckier I get.” Have a great December, Keith

    1. Thanks Keith! I’ve begun looking forward to your blog updates in my inbox and your comments brighten my day! Thanks for your support! 😘❤️

    2. Many thanks. I appreciate your comments.

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