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Without Further Ado…

Hello! Today is the day I show the face behind the words, snarky comments, the tears, the laughter, and the sarcastic anecdotes. I’ve revealed so much about my life OUR life…but today I’m also revealing the real person living that life.{I’m freaking out!} I’ve spent the last year hiding this, but I don’t want to hide anymore.

I chose to hide. I had decided that I didn’t want people to see the author, mainly because I was protecting myself from scrutiny and hateful comments. I also wanted to protect my threefold. I wanted us to have a voice but I wanted the anonymity as well. Those things don’t go hand in hand. I’ve learned that the faces behind the words are important in order to form a connection, regardless of how compelling the words may be on their own. It’s overdue, but I’ve been so nervous about the haters, my threefold facing judgement, my own insecurities, and of course my ex. I didn’t realize I was allowing all of those people to have the control over what I would do or could do with my own life. I was still allowing my past mistakes and experiences to drive my future. Not anymore!

I don’t want to hide behind my words anymore. I don’t want my past to overshadow my future. My voice, my identity and my story has remained hidden for too long. I’ve lived in fear and worried about other people’s opinions of me for far too long. It’s time to truly shine a light on our story. We deserve to take back that power. We need to stand firm in our truth and in our faith for a better future. The future we create for ourselves. Let your light shine! Be Positive! We’ve Got This! ☮️❤️😊~M

The Author behind ‘My Threefold’

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  1. My Threefold, thanks for the introduction. I love your smile. The banner quotes are very compelling. When someone speaks out, it shows courage and she (or he) deserves to be heard. It frustrates me to see women (and men) vilified for taking the risk to speak out and face their abusers. This is especially true when the abuser is a serial offender and has harmed many, then had enablers who stayed silent or worse made the offended stay silent. Nassar, Weinstein, Cosby, Sandusky, et al, all have people who covered for them or looked the other way.

    Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable 2022. Take care, Keith

    1. Back at ya and I whole heartedly agree! Thanks for the compliment! 😊 ~M

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