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The Difference Between a Father and a Dad

I was lucky growing up. I had a father and a dad that resided in the same person and whom I shared DNA with. I didn’t have a step dad, or an absent dad. However, as an adult I learned the difference between a father and a dad. Honestly, it’s sad that there is any difference between those words, but I’ve found the titles are not synonymous after all.

The definition of father is that of a man in relation to his child or children. Nothing more, nothing less. To most a father is the person in your life which whom is a provider, caretaker, guide, disciplinarian, and role model. Unfortunately, the title father doesn’t make you a dad.

A dad, on the other hand, is present. A dad is the male in your life that shows up, steps, up, and speaks up for you. Dad is a term used for those that are not just obligated to be a part of your life, but those who are honored to be a part of your life. A dad is the person you can count on, you can call, and you can say loves you unconditionally. Dad is a title you earn.

Any man can be a father, however, being a dad is not for the faint at heart. It’s a challenge to raise children, it’s even more challenging to raise children who you have no biological tie to or legal obligations to care for. Those are the men among men.

Unfortunately, there are many moms out there playing both roles. To you momma’s I salute you! Mommin ain’t easy! To the dads out there that are being the dad your kids deserve, Happy Father’s Day! Dad life ain’t easy either! To those dads that stepped up, showed, up and fill in for the fathers who chose to not do so, RESPECT. I’m lucky my threefold has a dad that stepped up, when their father wasn’t able to. ☮️❤️😊~M

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