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To My Threefold; My Girls

A Letter To My Threefold:

To my amazing, talented, wonderful, smart, funny, and beautiful girls:

Threefold is my personal journey of raising you three girls. You’re hilarious and quirky and eccentric in all of the best ways. Each of you are uniquely you.

I got lucky when I was picked to be the mom to you three. I may be getting back threefold what I gave to my momma, but so far I think you’re worth every bit of it. I wouldn’t change any of you. Thank you for being patient with me as I learn, grow, heal, change and rearrange.
Thank you for granting me permission to tell our stories, share our triumphs and tribulations, and being able to play and laugh and joke. Our dinner conversations need to be recorded because I don’t think anyone will ever believe the things we can uncover over while eating chicken alfredo! Most importantly thank you for teaching me and showing me what true unconditional love looks like. You’re my reasons. You’re my light. You’re my universe. I’m not me without you three. My threefold.


Your Momma

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