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The Unexpected Curve Ball

Here’s to hoping I don’t have to have surgery later this week or next week or anytime in the near future or at all preferably. I started hurting pretty bad a few days ago and felt the area and there is a large lump. It’s painful to the touch and feels like it’s pulling when I move certain ways. It’s a lump at my cesarean section scar. I originally was told it was most likely to be an inguinal hernia. I would need an ultrasound sound to confirm the diagnosis and then they would get me in with a surgeon. I argued and was told it would not heal on its own and surgical treatment would be my only choice. I had finally begun accepting that was in the cards.

I had an ultrasound done today at the hospital. The doctor thought it was a hernia and needed ultrasound confirmation for surgery. The results came back that it’s a mass and undetermined what kind. I will need a biopsy to get more conclusive results. The mass is 1.5 cm currently. I’m hoping it’s endometriosis that is invading my scar tissue, but biopsy will be needed. Just another thing to put on my plate and something for me to worry about. It’s not at all what I expected nor is it something that I would even think would be happening right now. I have no clue what it is or what my plan of action will be. I just know that the next few weeks will involve finding out and formulating the plan forward. That’s where my focus will remain. How we all will continue to move forward.

I can’t imagine that it’s something horrible or an emergency hysterectomy or anything else major right now. I don’t want to be in pain and be limited by that pain so I have to take care of it before it gets any more painful. Tomorrow I go to see my OBGYN oncologist who will schedule the biopsy and formulate a plan. It’s going to come back as a benign endometrioma and at worst I need a surgery to remove it or go ahead with a hysterectomy. Regardless of the outcome, good or not so good, it will be ok. I’m not sure why this is happening right now but I have faith that something good is bound to happen for my family and I. This much doesn’t just happen to one family without there being a purpose, a plan or a reason. I have no doubt that whatever happens it is meant to teach us something and we are going to be better, stronger, closer and more thankful once the storm passes. I’m tough, so I’ve got this and I will continue to fight with everything in me for my threefold and myself. There is too much at stake for me to just roll over and let the curve balls knock me down. I’m ready for the lessons and I’m ready for the blessings. There is always a rainbow at the end of even the worst storms. I’m ready to see ours. ☮️❤️😊~M