Welcome to My Threefold

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy – This Mom Life is a Crazy Ride!

  • The Over IT Over Haul…My Decision to Make 2023 For Me!
    “I’m OVER IT!” Honestly, that phrase is a daily mantra spoken at my house, and expletives can be added for a more realistic and dramatic impact where needed. I’ve decided, therefore, I’m in need of an over haul. Welcome to my over it over haul and my decision to make 2023 for ME!
  • Meet the Critic
    The past suddenly becomes present, and she revels in the power to overtake me. She feeds on my pain. It is as if my own mind is going to destroy me slowly. She holds me hostage. I struggle to break free.

My Threefold Mommin' ain't easy. Mom life is a crazy ride!

My Threefold Mommin' ain't easy. Mom life is a crazy ride!

I’m ‘M’ the trauma drama bipolar momma bear chaos coordinator of My Threefold! Some even just call me mom.  I mom mental illness and trying to find the message in the mess.

My Threefold is the journey of my life with three girls. I am unfiltered, unapologetic, & inappropriate. Mommin’ ain’t easy on our crazy train, but we aim to enjoy life. My goal is to stomp the stigma surrounding mental illness. The final result, well that is unknown. I hope you will follow along as we overcome our obstacles & learn the lessons of life. This is my threefold! As always, Stay positive! We’ve got this!                               ☮️❤️😊~ M

Stigma surrounding mental illness. My mom life mission!

My mom mantra.

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy. We all have our tales of motherhood & our hacks for making it through the stages and ages our kids go through. This is our story. This how I live this crazy mom life. In all honesty, there is so much that our life entails. Although most of our days are probably spent much like other people, we are different. I am mommin’ mental illness. 

About My Threefold

Mental illness and trauma drama make our journey a bit more complicated than the average family. Additonally, I am divorced, a single mom, and an abuse survivor. I am trying to hold it all together with dollar store scotch tape and a prayer. As a result, I am a stronger person and a better mother. Now, you have a pretty clear depiction of what mom life for this momma looks like. Consequentially, it’s not the road well traveled. Unfortunately, there is no clear path to the desired destination. When you are mommin’ mental illness it isn’t easy. I am building a future for My Threefold and I, despite the obstacles that stand in our way.

My threefold makes me a stronger, more capable and driven person. I am grateful for each of my three girls. In fact, it is challenging to raise my threefold, but it is worth the struggles to see them surpass the stigma and succeed. 

Anything you can do, I can do better. I mom mental illness!

My Purpose

I started My Threefold to relate to other moms who are on this crazy and wild ride of motherhood. As a result, it evolved into much more than my original vision. However, the final result is yet to be seen. Regardless, I know great things are coming to My Threefold and I.

My Threefold is a concept I had for a facebook page years ago. However, completely terrified, I let it sit on the shelf with all the other dreams I was too scared to chase. I hoped one day I would take my balls out of my purse and actually use them. Finally, I did! The end result is much more than I ever dreamed it would be. 

My Threefold is no longer a dream wasted. I created a facebook page, a website, an instagram page, a mommy blog, and a tik tok account.  My Threefold is a lifeline for me. I found purpose and passion in this creation. My dream is growing bigger and bigger. In addition to sharing the mommy anecdotes, I share our mental health saga, process my own trauma, and reach new people. I’m extremely blessed as a result of taking that first step. 

To My Threefold Mom Tribe

To anyone who boards this crazy train with us and follows along as I mom the mayhem that is my life, Thank you! Furthermore, when you take time and read, comment, follow, like, and share you become a part of the My Threefold Tribe. Afterall, I am learning that mom life takes a village, but ours is growing everyday! In conclusion, Thank You! ~M